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Warren County Composting Meeting (3/15/2023)

March 15, 2023 at 6:00pm
Warren County Municipal Center

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Composting Solutions for the Adirondacks


The beautiful Adirondacks depend on responsible management of food waste. Incinerators and landfills pollute the air and water. They are expensive, and they cost even more money later on. Composting is a 100% natural way to recycle food waste back into the earth to continue the cycle. Find out more...

adironack mountains1.jpg

Lake George, NY. (Photo Credit: Alex Sabo)

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 Win - Win - Win 

It's a 


Organic Vegetables
Healthy Food

Composted food scraps produce high-quality soil that contains the necessary nutrients for growing healthy food.

Clean Environment

Returning food waste back into soil reduces the need to burn it or bury it at toxic landfills which pollutes our air and water.

Community Garden
Strong Community

Local management of waste removal and soil production creates a more resilient community that doesn't depend on others.

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