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About Us


ACEC is a not-for-profit organization committed to advancing sustainable composting in the Warren County NY region.

Our Mission


Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop a thriving composting facility that educates the public and supports local food systems by promoting a circular economy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce food waste going to landfills or the nearby trash incinerator through the production of high-quality compost for use by area homeowners, gardeners, landscapers, and farmers. The Board will provide pro bono assistance to the partner composter/entrepreneur to run the compost facility built to serve large food waste generators (such as supermarkets, other food retailers, food processors, large restaurants, schools, and institutions). The Board will purchase or lease the land, write grants, provide legal assistance with filing permits, assist with marketing and tax filings, and serve as advocates for the business.

Our Board

Claudia Braymer, Environmental Lawyer (Secretary)

Tracy Frisch, Environmental Advocate/Journalist

Barbara Joudry, Retired (Chair)

Jean Lapper, CPA (Treasurer)

Julian Mangano, Owner Della Terra Organic Farm

Christopher Millard, Transactional Lawyer

Alex Sabo, Environmental Designer

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